New AKG Underwater Housing for Leicas lf, llf, ond lllf lets you take pictures down to 300 feet (deeper if you pressurize it).


NEXT time you see a mermaid you can prove it with your Leica!

For sorne time Leitz has been searching for an under­water housing for the Leica, equal to it in quality and performance. They found it in the AKG housing developed by the renowned underwater explorer, pho­tographer, and writer (“Under The Red Sea”, “Manta”) Hans Haas and made by AKUSTISCHE UND KINO­GERATE, GmbH, Vienna.

Makes Your lf, Ilf, or 11/f A Submarine Camera

The AKG Leica housing accepts either the If, Ilf, or Illf with Summitar or Summicron 50mm. lenses. Made of practically indestructible castings, it is engi­neered for precise performance over a lifetime. Control knobs for focusing, aperture setting, film advance and shutter wind, and shutter speed setting do all necessary camera operations through waterproof connections to the camera inside the housing. A lever operates the shutter release, and an easy-to-use frame finder outlines the picture and provides parallax compensation. Vari­ous models of the housing are available íor specific lens-and-camera (black or red scale) combinations.

(Extract from Leica Photography Vol 7 num 2 1954)