We are preparing a large list of nearly all the Old and Vintage Photographic Underwater Camera Manufacturers in the world, including as many images and texts of their products as we can get. It could take us many months of work although we will go as fast as possible, so, please, don’t lose your patience. We don’t expect to finish before 2019.

Initially, in this part of the web, we will use just one language because of the huge amount of work to be done. So, sorry for our Spanglish. Later, if possible we will translate it into Spanish. In some places, we might use some texts in French, German or Spanish in order to keep the information as original as possible.

Please, help us to complete the information in this project of “Underwater Camerapedia”. If you share what you have, after verifying it, we will add your texts that are of interest. We would like to offer as many contrasted information as possible in this website on underwater cameras.

We are currently using abbreviations in the list of titles:

UW= Underwater               UWC= Underwater Camera               UWF= Underwater Flash               UWH= Underwater Housing        

Click on the brand names gallery below:


ADI Dive 35 UW Camera & Flash
ADI UW Camera
Admetlla Eduard UWH&C
Aircraft Navy Camera for Submarines
AKG (Akustiche und Kinogerate) UW Camera
Akustiche UW Housing for Leica camera 1954
Alga UWH
American Hydrophoto Industries UWH for Voigtlander
Amphibico Underwater Housing
Anchor Shack Underwater Housings
Anfibian GAGY/Invernizzi Prototype Underwater Camera
Apollo Underwater Housings
Aqua-Craft Inc “Green-Things” UWH
Aquaflex UWH for Cameflex Camera
Aquaflyer Underwater Housing
Aqualung Underwater Gear Brochures
Aquaphot Underwater Housing BY La Spyrotechnique
Aquatica Underwater Housings
Aquavision Underwater Housings
Argus Camera & Housings
Arriflex 16 mm Camera and UW Housing
Asahi Pentax 6X7 Marine UWH
Austrian Unknown Handmade Underwater Housings
Auto-Marine Universal Underwater Housings
Bamboo Reef Underwater Housings
Barrakuda Underwater Housings
BAUER Camera & UW Housing
BEAULIEU Camera & UW Housing
BELL&HOWELL Underwater Housing
BENCINI Cameras & UW Housings
Bicchiarelli BICMAR UW Housings
Birchley UW Housings
Bolex Camera & UW Housing
Bonica Snapp UW Housing & Camera
Bösch Underwater Housing and Cameras
BS- Kinetics UnderWater Camera Housing
Canon UW Camera & Housing
Capsule Mine Underwater Housing
Cheri Sea Systems UW Housing
Chesterman & Collins UW Housings
Ciampi Starr Universal UW Housing
Cinemar UW camera by Giddings
Cosina UW Housing for Cosina 35mm Camera
Cousteau Lights
Crest Films Underwater Housing
Cristal Underwater Housing
Cullmann KingFisher UWH&C
DAVCO Underwater Housings
DDR UW Housing
Deep Fot 2 Underwater Housing
Delphinus Underwater Housing
Deniz Underwater Housing
Diodon Universal Underwater Housing
Disposable Cameras
Diving Mask Cameras
Dr.H. Kief UW housing
DYFO SYSTEMS Underwater Housing
Edgerton Deep Water Time Lapse Camera
Ehrenreich & Alscher UWH Leipzig
Eigenbau UWH
EMEL 16mm Camera UWH
Epoque Underwater Housing
ESFOS Plastic UWH by Garrobe
Eumig super 8mm UW camera Housing
EWA Marine Underwater Camera Bag
EXA Underwater Camera Housing
Fenjohn Underwater Housings
Fischers Fritze UW Cameras and Housing
Fish-Eye 35 Underwater Housing
Foca French Cameras and Housing
Formaplex Underwater Cameras
French Underwater Industries (F.U.I.)
Fujica Marine UW Housing for fuji
Gladu Yves Underwater Housing
GoPro Systems
Graflex 6X6 Underwater Housing & Camera
Guppy Underwater Housing for Agfa
GW Underwater Housings Systems
Hanimex UW Pocket Camera
Hecomar I
Helix Automarine II Universal UWH for AF Cameras
Hermética Underwater Housing
Hugy Cine UW Housings
Hugy Fot UW Housing Cameras
Hydro Box UW Housing by Bausätz
Hydro Cine Bausätz UW Housing
Hydro Flex Bausätz UW Housing
Hydro Photo UW Cameras
Hydrotech UW Cameras
Hypertech UW Video Cameras and Housings
Igloo UW Housing
Ikelite Underwater Housing
Imasub UW Housing
Jubamarine Underwater Housing
Kalimar UWH & C
KAMBA Underwater Housing For
KELLER Underwater Housing For
Kodak Instacase UWH for Kodak Instamatic cameras
Kodak unknown UWH manufacturers
Konica Underwater Camera Systems
Le Clic UWH All Weather 35mm Camera
Leica Underwater Housings
Lewis Housing for Leica
Light & Motion Underwater Housing
Louis Boutan Caisson Replica
Mako Original Instructions & Spare list
MAKO UW Camera by Scuba Divers USA Inc. ca 1955
Mamiya hand Made Underwater Housing
Mar-Vel UW cameras
Mares Underwater Housing for Kodak
Marin Solar UW Housing & Camera
Marittima & Klos UW Housings
MBSub UW Housing for Video Camera
Miga Sub UW Housing
Minisub Made in Austria UWH
Minolta UW cameras
Nalcom S-8 cameras
Nemrod Siluro UW cameras
Nexus Underwater Housings
Niko Mar UWH for Nikon F Cameras
Nikon All Weather Cameras
Nikon Marine UW Housing for Nikon Rangefinder
Nimar Underwater Housings
Nimar UWH for Video
Noris Marine35 UW Camera & Flash
NVA Unterwasser Gehaüsse
Ocean UWH for Video
Oceanic Hydro Underwater Housing
Oceanographic Engineering Corp Camera
Oceanoptics UWH for Mamiya Camera
Olympus Unknown UW Housing
Orca for Argus C-3 and Leica
Pastor, Enrique Underwater Housing
Pentacon Underwater Housings
Peter Gowland Underwater Housing
Petron Christian Underwater Housings
Photomarine Underwater Plastic Housing
Plastiphot Underwater Plastic soft Case
Polaroid camera & UW Housing
Potts Underwater Housing for Kodak
Rare UW Housing for Movie Camera
Rebikoff Underwater Photo Systems
Revere 8mm ciné Underwater Housing
Rewe / Revue Underwater Housing for
Ricoh Marine
Robot Cameras & Housings for
Rollei UW Housing & Cameras
Rolleimarin Parts and Devices
Sampson – Hall SCUMPA UW Housing
Schaefer UWH and above water prototypes
Sea & Sea UW Photography Systems
SEA GLOVE Underwater Housings
SEA Research UW Housing
SEA Tite UW Housing
Sea Venture Products
Sea&Sea UWH for Video
Seacam Underwater Housing
Seacor Underwater Housing
Seacraft Underwater Housings
Seahawk Underwater Housing
SEALUX UW Housing for Nikon
Sealux UWH for Video
Seepferd 62 UW Universal Housing
Siebe-Gorman UW Housing
Silma Underwater Housing for Super 8 mm Camera
Sirius Underwater Camera Systems
SNP Underwater/SURF Housing
SONY Underwater Camera Systems
SOS Underwter Housing
Soviet BPF-1 Underwater Housing
Soviet Dolphin/Delphin Kinobox UWH for EKRAN (Screen) 8mm movie Camera
Soviet KMZ UWH Model (KPF-1) Кпф-1 /CPP-1
Soviet Kuartz-2 (Quartz-2) 16mm Film Camera
Soviet LOMO UW Housing (LOMO = Leningrado Asociación Óptico-Mecánica)
Soviet Military Stereo UW Camera
Soviet Rare Underwater Housings
Soviet Sport-2 UW Movie Camera Housing
Soviet UKP/SAR/KRAB Universal UW Housing
Spiratone Underwater Housings
SPL UW Housing
Stepanel UWH Austria
Stingray UWH for Video
Stromm UW Housing for Nikon 8088
Subacquea Underwater Housing & Camera
Subal UW Housing for Nikon F80
Subatec UW Photographic Systems
Subeye Arm and Baseplate
Subeye HU-0X Port lens
Subeye SU-01 Camera Body
Subsea Underwater Housing
Tarzan B.B. (France)
Tassinari Underwater Housing for
Tauchtax Underwater Housing for
Tesche Underwater Housing for
TUSA Underwater Housing for
Tussey UW Housing for Nikon Cameras
U.S. Divers UW Housing & Cameras
UK UW Housing for Nikon Cameras
Underwater Kinetics UWC & Devices
UNICINE Underwater Housings
Uniflex Underwater Housing
UNISUB Underwater Housings
Unknown Small Format Cine UWH
Unknown Small Format UWH
Unknown UWH for Movie Camera (“Jaws” 1975 Film)
Unknown UWH for Video
Unknown Viewfinder
UPSI underwater Housings
UW Housing Rares and Unknown
Voit Underwater Camera Case
Welxa Underwater Housing
Wessman Mark 500 UW Camera Housing
WKD UWH Commercialized by Oceanoptics
Wollman & Schmidt UWH