WELXA was a German company, which had its seat at the Lake Bodensee. The founder and boss was Xavier Weldishofer. He died in 2010. The company had originally built pressure tanks for the industry (small and very, very large ones).

From an idea with diving friends he had later built the housing for UW cameras. Since himself had shot a lot of films with his Bauer 8mm film camera on land, their UW housing were designed and built for this purpose as well as for Nizo cameras.


Other housings for 16mm mechanical movie cameras or photography cameras came later. Very special and revolutionary were also the battery tanks and lighting systems.


Mr Weldishofer processed a lot of good ideas in their cases. Welxa housings had an innovative design, a very nice appearance and were very strong. Welxa are very rare UWH.


Around 1972/73 Xavier handed over the distribution to Richard Osswald in Friedrichshafen.