[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We are preparing a large list of nearly all the Old and Vintage Photographic Underwater Camera Manufacturers in the world, including as many images and texts of their products as we can get. It could take us many months of work although we will go as fast as possible, so, please, don’t lose your patience. We don’t expect to finish before 2019.

Initially, in this part of the web, we will use just one language because of the huge amount of work to be done. So, sorry for our Spanglish. Later, if possible we will translate it into Spanish. In some places, we might use some texts in French, German or Spanish in order to keep the information as original as possible.

Please, help us to complete the information in this project of “Underwater Camerapedia”. If you share what you have, after verifying it, we will add your texts that are of interest. We would like to offer as many contrasted information as possible in this website on underwater cameras.

We are currently using abbreviations in the list of titles:

UW= Underwater               UWC= Underwater Camera               UWF= Underwater Flash               UWH= Underwater Housing        

Click on the brand names gallery below:


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